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Tarot Horoscope for 2021

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Aries - Emperor


Aries, according to Tarot cards, you are most influenced by the Emperor card. During 2021 you will feel the urge to test your leadership skills. Maybe not for the first time. But be careful. The horoscope reminds you that ego and straightforward behaviour can do more harm than help. What your friends may find to be original and interesting may not apply to the people you want lead.

The horoscope recommends that you take down your stubbornness and be patient and helpful for at least a moment.

If you want to lead somebody, don't do it to avoid being led by yourself, even if your freedom is most important for you.

Use the courage and sincerity of Aries positively. Rather do something you can do yourself, because in case of failure you are able to shake it off, forget and move on.

If you realize your strengths, but also your shortcomings, 2021 can be the beginning of new projects and opportunities for you. As the Tarot Horoscope reminds us in the end, prepare everything well, clear your head on some interesting journey and get on with it.

Taurus - High Priest


Taurus, according to Tarot cards, you are most influenced by the High Priest card. In 2021, family relationships will be important to you or you will be thinking about starting your own family. Take advantage of the High Priest's wisdom and deal with the negative patterns that the family has worked to date. You are full of love and understanding, so trust your intuition and do not fear the truth, advises horoscope. Your perspective will help you overcome even complex obstacles.

As a Taurus, the horoscope predisposes you to a talent called accuracy and reliability. But let’s admit, sometimes it would be nice to get lazy. After a great effort, relax and enjoy for example some good music.

The horoscope reveals that thanks to the patience of Taurus and the spiritual energy of the High Priest, this year you can embark on something new and spontaneously dissolve your disappointments associated with the past.

2021 is a year in which, according to the Tarot, you can teach and receive lessons from others, especially in the family. But you must suppress your stubbornness. Not everything you stubbornly promote is right. You're basically very tolerant.

Gemini - Lovers


Gemini, according to Tarot cards, you are most influenced by the Lovers card. In 2021, it is time for you to evaluate relationships with others. In doing so, forget what your brain tells you. The Lovers card leads your heart. Tarot Horoscope recommends: Trust your feelings on which relationships you want to improve and which you want to end because they no longer fulfill you.

The horoscope also says that you often find yourself in situations where you have to choose between two ways and different solutions. Take advantage of the intelligence and smartness of Gemini to guide you to make a quick and correct decision.

In 2021 you may realize that you want to work for yourself, so that your relationships are not missing any of the desired qualities. And above all, everything can be solved with humour, and you can do it well. Gemini, the horoscope still announces: Just watch your sharp intellect and eloquence. You may amaze someone, but many may feel like idiots next to you.

Cancer - Cart


Cancer, according to Tarot cards, you are most affected by the Cart card. 2021 is a time of positive mental or material shift for you. Horoscope encourages Cancer: Find courage in you and make your life moving. Do not be afraid of obstacles. You can do everything. Tarot card Cart is with you.

According to the horoscope, the most important things for you are home and family.

Don‘t get influenced by those surrounding you, trust yourself. If you feel the need to make any changes that would lead to your well-being and satisfaction, make them.

If you can do all this, in 2021 you can get your life under control and start the journey to overall satisfaction. And if things don’t go as planned, utilize your positive relationship to art, craft and beauty (in general) and maybe create something for yourself or sing something nice.

Be aware of your romantic dreams, horoscope warns, they can move you away from your beloved family and you can easily find yourself in situation when you will feel indecisibe whether to follow your dream or face the harsh reality. It is best to set the boundaries and not to cross them either in dreams or in reality.

Leo - Power


Lion, according to Tarot cards, you are most influenced by the Strength card. Horoscope estimates that in 2021 you can feel a great drive, courage and creative energy and especially a new appetite for life. Your confidence will allow you to embark on challenging plans.

According to the horoscope, your natural authority and friendly and generous behavior will help you. But don't overdo it. You can only load as much as you can carry. You can't be the best in everything.

The Strength card is also a symbol of lust. So the horoscope tells the Lion: Be passionate, but you know - everything with moderation.

Lion, in 2021 you can build on your achievements to date, or move further in some matters, but… it is only a step from pride to vanity. So be careful not to cross it. People do accept authorities but do not like arrogance.

Virgo - Hermit


Virgo, according to tarot cards, the Hermit card affects you the most. 2021 can become a time for you to complete one life stage. Thanks to the tarot, the horoscope anticipates the time of loneliness and concentration: Before you do anything else, you will want to be alone for a while and level everything in your head. Before you embark on a new adventure, project and other floods of experiences.

Virgo, diligence and reliability are your strengths according to the horoscope, but it is deviating from your established system that can bring you inconvenience. Simply, if more worries or experiences will accumulate, it may be a reason for you to think, sort and relax somewhere in solitude.

The horoscope for 2021 says you are very tough and strict to yourself. Virgo has high standards, which is reflected in your modesty and fear of risk. This is commendable, admits the horoscope. But do not try to impose your way of life on others. It could happen that many people would not understand you, and that cause you will retreat aside.

Virgo, stick to what you are and don't seek adrenaline experiences. Instead of going to the Amazonia, go to a nice presentaion about it. You will feel the same and you won‘t risk anything.

Libra - Justice


Libra, according to tarot cards, the Justice card affects you most. Year 2021 may be a period of general cleaning for you. The horoscope encourages Libra: Seize everything that lacks harmony and balance in your life. In this respect, it is a good idea to solve financial matters in particular and to focus more on yourself.

Horoscope says justice is impartial and independent. Tarot encourages Libras: Create rules that will suit you and others around you.

Pay attention to balance in 2021. If you overdo it at work, be sure to reward yourself on same level. Maybe a nice family holiday.

Libras, this applies to you as well, and especially to you, if you give maximum energy, you have to get it somewhere. But that can completely exhaust you. Tarot horoscope therefore recommends people born under the sign of Libra: Set your boundaries on both sides, to know how far can you go. Or create a balanced system that will work with minimal effort, and then you can sometimes overdo everything.

Scorpio - Death / Rebirth


Scorpio, according to tarot cards, you are most affected by the Death card. However, it is not a factual, but a symbolic death. The horoscope warns Scorpio that in 2021 he can expect a breakthrough. Your desire to become more and more yourself may be the birth of a new 'yourself'. In order to move further, you must end things going nowhere or bothering you. It can be work or personal matters or even an important breakthrough in life.

But the horoscope warns that there is always have to be something for something. In order to create something new, you must be willing to sacrifice something of yourself.

In 2021 focus more on yourself, on your health, and indulge yourself a little solitude to be well prepared and tuned for new changes.

Be aware that you cannot be kind and dedicated to your friends unless you are kind and dedicated to yourself, says the horoscope. Tarot cards reveal that in order to complete the realization of your dreams and ideas, you must stop wasting your energy on suspecting others, self-criticizing and correcting injustices. Get healthily upset and see you will see it will work.

Sagittarius - Art


Sagittarius, according to tarot cards, the Art card affects you most. Harmony and balance, these qualities should be your primar focus in 2021, advises the horoscope. You need to balance the opposites you face in life. Only then will you be able to create something positive, whether at work or in private life. Such effort, however, cannot do without great determination and firm will.

At the same time, the horoscope warns of simplicity: Before you say anything, first take a breath and think. Your sincerity, though well intended, can hurt many rather than help them.

In 2021, you can systematically embark on your plans. Although you do not want to be restricted by anyone and anything, the horoscope warns: Remember, you have to make compromises in life.

Keep your optimism and good mood you are able spread around, reminds you the tarot cards. Sagittarius, do not be mischievous towards others and do not explode with every hint of insult or injustice. The Horoscope clearly recommends: Try to establish harmony in yourself, be patient, and then you can expect to thrive as you would like to.

Capricorn - Devil


Capricorn, according to tarot cards, are most affected by the Devil card. The horoscope predicts that in 2021 you may face great temptation. Because both at work and in private life you usually to give it all you can, this challenge can come from almost anywhere - the desire to achieve even more. Capricorn, if the urge is for something naughty, feel free to succumb to it and accept it with humor. However, if the motivation is more serious, stand with both feet on the ground, because a disaster may come you may lose your humor.

The horoscope warns you to hamper your ambition. Do not disappoint people's trust in you.

Take advantage of being timely and reliable in 2021. Hold on to it, and if you add your witty humor, you will do well.

Capricorn, the tarot Horoscope also reminds: If you or someone round you has not adhered to the schedule, do not criticize yourself or others. We are not slaves of time, but the time is here for us. Opposingly, if you spare bit of that time, use your attraction and sensuality for a small flirt, but with humor and with boundaries.

Aquarius - Star


Aquarius, according to Tarot cards, you are most affected by the Star card. In 2021, especially you always blaming yourselfs for something, have an important task to work on your self-esteem, because it is the only way to gain respect from others. The Horoscope advises the Aquarius to put more emphasis on their intuition and resolutely tackle even things they doubt they could handle. Don’t worry about the sceptics around you. They will tell you lot of things. What you can do alone will make you stronger.

But the horoscope warns you to set yourself goals that you can manage. Otherwise, disappointment will come instead of satisfaction and it can bother you for a long time.

In 2021, the horoscope encourages Aquarius to try to implement some of the original ideas. If you have friends around you who love and understand you, you can do it. But you have to trust yourself. Otherwise, you will end up as idealistic dreamers.

Take advantage of your stamina, focus on the fact that you can turn plans into reality. If anybody wants to limit you in that effort, don't explode as usually. Maybe it is meant well. Listen to others  calmly and only then give your opinion.

Fish - Luna


Fish, according to tarot cards, you are most influenced by the Luna card. In 2021, as the horoscope shows, Fish can expect a number of obstacles and problems that will require some changes. Fish, rely on your intuition and make try to see everything clearly. You know how to do it, and you know that problems are part of life, and learning from them can only strengthen you.

But the horoscope also warns Fish not to resort to lies and cheats in an effort to protect others. While you can incredibly well navigate through life situations, the question is whether you really do it for others or just want to look good in their eyes.

Fish, if you encounter a big obstacle in 2021 and you find an imaginary border, you will have to make decision. Not everything is possible to get around. In addition, such cunning can turn against you and bother your sensitive nature, warns the tarot horoscope. With the right decision, you can save a lot of energy you can use far better elsewhere.

Concentrate on your work or interests that you enjoy, because thanks to your diligence and keen judgment you will enjoy your success and surely your good mood will benefit your loved ones more than compassion.

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