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Tarot card "Star" and the zodiac sign of Aquarius

Zodiac signs and tarot cards

If you were born in the zodiac sign Aquarius and you drew the tarot card “Star” you can really believe in yourself and others.

Aquarius is a true dreamer. He likes his freedom and independence and usually respects it in others. Typical Aquarius is tolerant and sincere, but he will not give advice. He knows everyone has their own desires. He has his head in the clouds and monotonous routine is not to his liking. He believes in himself and he acts according to his beliefs even when the others watch him with an open mouth and amazed looks on their faces. Aquarius is usually an all-round person, he likes to think and to organize. He doesn’t like indecisiveness. In relationships, Aquarius is restrained and doesn’t think too much about coming to a meeting earlier or later.

From the close people I have met in my life, I chose a typical Aquarius and a story which corresponds with the tarot card “Star”.


A little boat

Pepa is a friend who provided me with a refuge at a moment when I wasn’t doing so great. As a typical Aquarian he admired my imagination and free-thinking spirit but he knew that I was reliable and good. We became a wonderful team. He believed in us both and he was the tough one, although he didn’t press his opinions on me, he respected me, but he was willing to help me anytime I needed it.

We had known each other for a while, but our close partnership began when I was fired from a coffee shop I owned and at the moment I didn’t know what to do and where to go. He just came in a car, said We would go to his workshop and so we started putting all my things in the car and take them to the workshop. There he created a dignified space for me and we started working together. Although he is a well-rounded practical person with a big imagination, he couldn’t incorporate it into his work. Whereas my limitless imagination needed for execution a practical and decisive person.

And so we became a harmonious team. He was able to translate my ideas into reality and I helped him to make his products more imaginative. He constantly filled me with confidence with his decisiveness. I will never forget a few experiences.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was going home. “What are your plans?” he asked.

“Nothing special,” I said. “Let’s go then.”

I stared at him, but I did as he said, I got inside the car and only really came to in front of his house, which was a farmhouse in the countryside that he renovated. We got out of the car and I still didn’t understand.

“You will help me fill the swimming pool!” he said decisively and then gave a few other tasks.

I did what he said without a word. A couple of hours later, everything was finished. “See, it’s my birthday today, so we will sit in the swimming pool, relax and have a drink. My wife went away and I’m sure we can get by just the two of us.”

Amazed and speechless, I took off my clothes except for underwear, I wished him a happy birthday and I went with him into the swimming pool. At that moment, I was the happiest man alive. All my problems were gone.

“Pepa, this is one the best surprises I have ever had,” I blurted out whole-heartedly.. “If we had a little boat in which we could send each other shots, everything would be perfect.” He stood up and went from the swimming pool to his workshop. I only heard the sound of a saw and a moment later he appeared with a simple wooden boat, a bottle of spirit and two shot glasses. He sat down in the water, poured the alcohol and sent me one in the boat. He was beaming like a star in the sky. He was happy that he could make me happy. And I was.

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