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Tarot card "Lovers" and the zodiac sign of Gemini

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If you’re born in the sign of Gemini, this card refers significantly to your love relationships.

Gemini have all sorts of hobbies. Their main character trait is instability and variability. They are very gifted in the art of communication and their eloquence can get them out of pretty much any situation. They like to engage in problems around them. They have a tendency to get interested in contradictory ideas since they want to develop in all and any directions. It might be that the knowledge of gemini might be superficial but they show that their spirit is very active and that they have the ability to seeand create!the bigger picture of things.

They are able to adapt and act quickly. Their strong suit is creativity. Internally, they are often nervous and dissatisfied as if there is always something missing yet they cannot really put to words what it is. They charm others by their free spirit and vivid imagination. They tend to be cheerful and are attracted by variety of life.

Out of all the people in my life, I have chosen a typical Gemini representative to illustrate the meaning of The Lovers card.


Top student And Go-getter

I had a friend in the 9th grade of elementary school. I was the top student and he was the troublemaker but he managed to drag me into all sorts of crazy situations by his eloquence and charm. now, he is a successful businessman and a long-term customer. We haven’t seen each other since elementary school but I, as a marketing director and a president of basketball club, threw a party in his restaurant. There is some logic to the universe since I decided to do it in his restaurant without knowing he was the owner. You can’t imagine our surprise when they introduced us. We started hanging out together again and, with the help of some of his colleagues from a different company he owned, we managed to create a team that moved fast and systematically forward. Pavel was able to manage all problems, which he took as challenges rather than obstacles, and gradually created a big, well-functioning company. He always had a lot of different people around him, whom he respects and is able to take care of. The fact that he is a gemini is visible the entire time. despite the fact that I am a scorpio, he still manages to destroy me with fast and always on-point arguments.

“I have a great idea how to move the company forward.” I suggested once.

“Well, that’s great!” he seemed excited. “But I have something different on my mind right now.”

“And what about my idea.” I asked.

“It’s my company and I decide what is going to happen. You are clever but I know how to make money,” he looked and me calmly.

And he did know how to make money. He was a people person but also very skilled in financial matters. And isn’t afraid to take risks.

I started with general foreign trade phrases and questions for individual participants to see where the problems are. And then it started. It turned out they are introducing a new IT system and it is causing issues because each of the leaders has got their own priorities and this is an extra work they don’t have time for and they are not able to agree on. rescue. Initially, the discussion was heated among them, everyone defending their own goals. I asked if they think the new IT system will help the company. All agreed, so we gradually began to go through the details. Everyone opened up and got involved in the discussion. Basically, it turned into standard work meeting where I was the moderator and an impartial advisor. We did a practical practical outline, timetable and discussed all the pitfalls that may arise. Time suddenly passed. It was three o’clock, the end of the lecture and we all got so interested, we continued for an additional hour. They were leaving satisfied and I was leaving with the feeling that I did not waste my time, but I helped solving one practical matter, thanks to the fact we were momentarily equal and thus opened to accept other opinions.

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