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Tarot card "Devil" and the zodiac sign of Capricorn

Zodiac signs and tarot cards

Tarot card “Devil” and the sign Capricorn

If you were born in the zodiac sign Capricorn and you drew the tarot card “Devil”, you should be careful not to yield to some temptation. You would regret it for a long time.

The basis of success of capricorn is self-discipline. He doesn’t stare dreamily above him, but in front of him. He can discern well what helps him to achieve the goals he set out. He is usually internally strong and restrained. He is conscious of the fact that only relentless hard work can ease his everyday worries. However, he can be overly ambitious and run after a career out of a fear of the possibility of being without resources one day. If he cannot manage his emotions, he can seem to others as chaotic. In relationships he is usually outwardly shy and reserved, but gradually he might want to be dominant.

This time I again describe myself, as I have an Ascendant in Capricorn.


Pregnancy passport

When it comes to the zodiac sign of capricorn, we should also discuss the ascendant. It is the point of horoscope which is at the time of our birth just rising above the eastern horizon. It is given by the exact time of birth.

I determined it for myself only after I found my mother’s pregnancy passport after her death with the exact time and place of my birth. And I found out that I had an ascendant in capricorn.

What characteristics did I find?

Person with an ascendant in capricorn has to realize that he has two opposite sides. on the one hand, an obedience and a diligent fulfilment of obligations, which require conscientiousness and self-discipline, on the other hand the ability to organize and to find pleasure in sensory experience. It takes him a long time to start doing something new, but as a true toiler he will not stop until he is successful. He has the aura of authority, The “Wise old Man” who is often asked for an opinion or advice by others. Big trouble with ascendant in capricorn occurs mostly in childhood and adolescence, when more responsibility is put on the person than he can take at that age. If the ascendant is in capricorn, then cancer in capricorn arouses tenderness, sensitivity and protective care.

Well, I had a lot to think about. A scorpio “crossed” by a capricorn. What a treat. only contradictions.


The first thing that came to my mind were problems with my appearance. since my youth, I’ve had long hair and a musketeer moustache. I also used to hear it very often:

“You look like a musketeer.”

When I came from women I found it flattering, and the older I got, the more I liked it. once we were sitting with my friends in a pub and I saw from the corner of my eye that a young attractive girl was looking at me. vanity started to get in my head and in me rose a desire for a love affair.

she stood up and sat next to me with a radiant smile. I was completely petrified. she looked in my eyes:

“You remind me of someone,” she said tenderly.

I imagined the picture of the charismatic musketeer in my mind:


The tension culminated. “My dad.”

I almost fell off the barstool. It took a lot of effort to smile and say thanks for the “compliment“. I quickly paid because I all of a sudden felt the urge to leave and I waited for my friends outside. You can probably imagine what followed, when my friends came outside. I began to understand that the era of d’Artagnan was probably over.

And then at my son’s wedding, where a small girl looked at me: “You remind me of someone.”

I looked at her waiting to see who I reminded her of, because she couldn’t have known anything about musketeers and I was too old to have been her dad.

“The Wise old Man,” her small child’s mouth said.

That was a big compliment. In astonishment I touched my grey hair, gently touched her face and with a meek: “Thank you” I suddenly understood a lot of things. And today, small children are for me, as I am probably for them, fairy-tale beings and great honest friends.

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