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Tarot card "Death" and the zodiac sign of Scorpio

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If you were born in the zodiac sign Scorpio and you drew the card “Death”, it is time for you to end what you have been intending to end for a long time and to start something new.

Sometimes it’s not easy to get along with a scorpio. It is said that you either learn how to live with scorpio or you have to crush it.

Insults bounce right off him and compliments don’t stick. He is very emotional and takes everything very seriously. His equanimity on the outside masks a volcano inside. Unlike the other signs, scorpio knows the secrets of death. It is thanks to his venomous sting.

He has a strongly developed intuition and an innate psychological talent, which he uses not only to examine his surroundings, but also himself, which can lead to an inner conflict in him.

He is a loyal friend and he doesn’t care much about the opinion of others.

In relationships, he is full of passion and emotions. on the one hand, he will move heaven and earth for someone, but on the other hand he is capable of incredible jealousy and hate. so it is better not to provoke him and never try to cheat on him, because he will pay you back.

For illustration of the card “Death”, I chose one of my own experiences.


Two Scorpios

When I got together with my first love after 30 years of being apart, I realized that her father is also Scorpio, just as me, and that he is also very much into art. She invited me for a visit to his place where he lived by himself in a little town. She was newly divorced so I went there as her friend from high school. I prepared myself for the visit. Nice clothes, white gold necklace and a bracelet were only highlighting my artistic look. We have arrived and as he was welcoming us I realized that he is an older copy of myself. Nice clothes and gold accessories. We checked one another from head to toes and were very happy with ourselves. I started to brag about painting and he would brag about his antiques, paintings and all sorts of wooden art pieces. I appreciated his antiques loudly and expected a nice talk about art. We are both Scorpios afterall. As we talked, I could feel a certain distance between us. I didn’t understand why and we said our goodbye. He died around a year after the visit and the house became a place for me and my girlfriend to meet because we both live in different cities. When I first came to the house to meet her, I started to carefully check all the antiques and all the wooden art pieces that were in the house and as I turned them around in my hands I realized that they had my girlfriend’s dad signature on them. I realized that I complimented him on everything except for what mattered most to himhis own creationshence the distance between us. I put myself in his shoes and thought that I would be pretty upset too.

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