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Tarot card "Hierophant" and the zodiac sign of Taurus

Zodiac signs and tarot cards

If you’re a Taurus and you draw “The Hierophant” card then you are definitely on the right path.

Taurus is a very tolerant and patient person but it changes once you try to push him to do something. He is authoritative and once he decides on something, it is very hard to change his mind even though, unlike Aries, he might be unsure of the ultimate direction. He might even lose control, if you corner him. He is very determined and has the power to make things move forward, if stagnant. He appreciated material things and he is able to gather them step-by-step. He can be very practical and has a tendency to build a stable environment. He picks his friends carefully as these need to be responsible and decent people. In relationships, he is very level-headed, caring and affectionate. He does not build sandcastles in the sky but rather a real house with real money.

Out of all the people in my life, I have chosen a typical Taurean representative to illustrate the meaning of The Hierophant card.


„I Am The Boss in Here”

Both of my marriages ended up on divorce and both of my ex-wives were born a typical representatives of Taurus sign. But I am a scorpio. As it usually happens, if we don’t allow ourselves time to think things through, we might end up with the same type of a partner and just continue with the same issues. My current partner is Pisces but still, I have learnt over the years, that most importantly you need to learn to live together, to enjoy life together, understand and tolerate one another and take each other the way we are.

But back to Taurus. I remember a couple of experience with my second wife. she was a housewife and took excellent care of our daughter. now I know how much she loved me and how patient she was given my highly demanding work and evening classes. she supported me and created an amazing home for me. she respected my work and I respected her in our home environment. However, I had to watch my step if I, as a creative artist, decided to change something in the aesthetic of our home.

It only happened once when I broke the rules of the competences around the house. When she and my daughter left for a couple of days, I have decided to move the furniture in our living room around to show what a specialist in the area I really am. she came back and looked around. I expected her to be thrilled but all she did was to smile and pretended as if nothing happened. It’s true I did not expect this reaction but the most important thing was that she didn’t protest, which I took as a sign of agreement and so I happily left for a weeklong business trip to Prague. I came back, opened the front door and entered the living room. I couldn’t believe my eyeseverything was back exactly where it was before and my wife was sitting on a sofa with a serene smile on her face as if saying that I could be the biggest boss at work but she is the boss in here. I didn’t complain. I understood.

While writing stories over two months, I am learning to talk less and watch more, and that requires sometimes a lot of effort.

I would like to add one more story

My co-worker, another typical Taurus, spent 2 days fixing our e-shop and dealt with all the issues with a typical Taurean stubbornness. I came to work one afternoon and she started to tell me everything that had happened and what she had to deal with. I didn’t understand what she was talking about but I was a great listener. she promised me a language check on one of the pieces regarding a zodiac sign so I asked her to do it. she started to read, page after page.

“I can’t see any sign,” she said.

“Alenka, you have to slow down, it does not have sub-titles yet.”

“I answered gently.” And then she really found the story that I wanted her to read. Among other things, there was a mention of grandfather know All. Her mind was still full of e-shop problems. so she read the part about grandfather know All and did not understand the simile.

“But grandfather know All has 3 golden hair‘s, that is the name of the fairy tale so what is this all about?” she asked and totally got me.

“She is still thinking about the e-shop only’ I thought. I had to go to the restroom and when I returned, there were pictures of grandfather know All all over her computer screen.”

“So he had more than 3 hair‘s. oh well, what is one more hair‘s here or there’ she didn’t understand.”

“Alenka, if grandfather know All only had those 3 wise gold hair‘s and the prince would pull them out and he would end up being just another old and bold idiot. And that would be a completely different fairy tale.” I laughed and laughed and couldn’t stop and for a minute there we both laughed about the whole situation we created.

I would like to add one more story.

Mr Director

I would call him Mr director because he really worked as a general director but I met him when he was already retired. He was well off owning a big company and he let the management of the company to his daughter. But as a typical Taurus, he still worked even though he was 70. I made advertisements for him and we became friends. despite the fact that he was only 10 years older than me, he would treat me as his own son. It was very nice. We would go for a beer once a week and we would continue doing it even after I finished working for him. As a typical Taurus, he was always giving me some wise advice and he was glad that he was able to leave the practical life and live for a bit within the realm of our philosophical debates. He was still wearing a suit and a tie, as a general director should, despite his age. I was about to turn 60 so I called him to ask if we could meet in a pub. He gladly accepted and came there. I dressed up for the occasiona nice suit, waistcoat, vintage pocket watch and a cane. I had to carry it due to my bone cancer but it is not just a random cane you can find in a shop. It is a hand made Italian cane. I used my illness to purchase a beautiful accessory. The fact that I am ill cannot stop me from looking smart, right?


He was already sitting in the pub with a present when I entered the pub. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you” I answered. “You know, it is not like turning 20 but being 60 is great!” He turned white. “What did you say?”

“Sixty.” I said. And as I was watching him, I suddenly understood. The entire time we knew each other he thought that I am at least 20 years younger than him, which is why he treated me as his son. And I embarrassed him by clarifying my age. He apologized for his behavior but I said that I was glad and was feeling nice around him since I never met my father.

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