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Tarot card "The Emperor" and the zodiac sign of Aries

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If you’re born in the zodiac sign of Aries and you pull The Emperor card, it is a very positive sign because if you were not feeling confident, now is the time to start. Why, you ask?

Aries have a tendency to act immediately and look for a fast development of thing. They are very energetic, pushy even, and ambitious. If they decide on something, they will not stop until their goal is reached. They are fighters who are motivated by stubbornness. They are very straightforward in their character.

They have a tendency to be reckless when in the middle of a fight - which they sometimes regret. Aries want to find their own path by themselves at all times. Even if they get the best advice ever, they have a problem to accept it because they didn’t come up with it by themselves, which how they are putting restrictions on themselves. Fortunately, this does not last long. Aries might look like big kids on the outside but that’s how they mask their big ego, which might sometimes erupt into selfishness. This trait is also usually responsible for sparking their lust for assertiveness and life enjoyment.

Aries is very active and inventive in partnership, and if Aries is up to someone, he or she acts like a real ram.

Out of all the people in my life, I have chosen a typical Aries representative to illustrate the meaning of The Emperor card.


Broken glass symbolizes good luck

I met him for the first time when he had a painting exhibition in my art gallery, which was organized by my ex-wife. I read on the invitation that he was born in czech republic but lived for a long time in France and Uk, where he left for when he was 18, after an impulsive, emotional decision. He was painting abroad and he returned for this exhibition, which was the first one he held in czech republic.

I had mixed feeling when I was looking at his paintings. He is a naïve painter but there was something very beautiful about his work, which is hard to put into words. Then I saw him. charismatic, middle aged man. There was something about him that attracted me but his absolute self-confidence bothered me. He was a man of action, direct and with a clear ideas which he could pursue with great focus. It’s also important to note that he’s gay. We (me, my wife and him) became great friends and we used to hang out in artsy coffee places... I was mesmerized by him because, as true Aries, he just went for it. Painting‘s where custom made for his wealthy clientshe became a confidant especially for wives of those clients. For every sold painting, he had a personal certificate made thus keeping track of all of the paintings sold as well as creating a database of buyers. This was one of the ways how he attracted so many people to the coffee place. We would take turns behind the bar and he just followed his clear vision of things step by step. He radiated confidence. I soon understood that the level of hard work matched the level of hard partying. Wow, those parties were legendary especially one comes to mind. It was unbelievably honest and free. The music was playing, people were dancing all around the placeeven on the barand everyone was drinking. You could really feel the positive energy. And the ending? Jarda all of a sudden asked everyone for their attention. The place got quiet. He raised his glass, drank it all and smashed it on the floor. All you could hear in that silence was the sound of the smashing glass. As I looked around it was clear that everyone in the room got the message - this was a command! In no time, the floor was covered with bits of glass. This was also a cue to call it a night. When me and my wife returned to the scene of the crime the next morning, it looked like the floor was made of sparkly ice. We cleaned up with this amazing feeling that it was all worth it. It is difficult to find yourself in such a free environment while also making money. The next day we understood that it was worth it for everyone who was there - every single person showed up and brought a glass from their own homes to compensate for the broken ones. For a lot of people, Jarda was just an amazing guy who was honest and straightforward.

However, I started to have problems and had to stop fully dealing with the coffee place. Jarda had his clear goal and I had to prioritize dealing with my personal issues over the development of the coffee place. Me and my wife eventually quit the coffee place but Jarda showed himself as typical Aries. He thought that we were to blame, bought the coffee place from us and stubbornly continued to run it by himself. He didn’t even last a year. The issues was not us, as he thought, but in an expensive rent for the place and also in the fact that we stopped being a team. And this might be something that he, a bit selfishly, underestimated.

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