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Tarot card "Chariot" and the zodiac sign of Cancer

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If you’re born in Cancer zodiac sign and you draw The Chariot card, be ready for some changes in your life and they won’t be easy.

Cancers are moody and have a tendency to be carried away by their feelings. They don’t really like changes and are quite vulnerable. Thanks to their intuition and imaginative nature, they are usually able to predict what other people want to say to them. It is not easy to convince cancer to give up something they care deeply about. They like the safety of their home as well as financial safety. cancers want to be always ready for any eventuality, they are natural caretakers and parents. They need love to live.

Out of all the people in my life, I have chosen a typical Taurean representative to illustrate the meaning of The Hierophant card.


Nothing More Important Than Family

Daughter of a friend of mine, whom I know since being a little girl, is a typical Cancer. Oko Ruka Ucho

The biggest safety and value of her life is her family - relationship both with her parents as well as with her husband and children. I don’t know anyone else who would be willing to sacrifice themselves so much for their family as her. But in her life it is not a sacrifice but a meaning of life. And what can hurt her the most? When you start to criticize someone close to her. several people have already suffered the consequences of openly bad-mouthing someone from her family. don’t think they were ready for what followed. Even me, long-term family friend, have to be really careful not to discuss her relationships. simply put, her family is everything to her and no one has the right to interfere. And she is right. Moreover, she really thinks about well-being of others more than about her own, she never forgets anyone’s birthday, can empathize with their problems and even take over sorting of their problems in order for them to be happy. A perfect example is her brother who is constantly causing some sort of financial and relationship troubles for himself. And she is probably the only one who is still understanding and helpful. We talk sometimes and she does express how happy she would be to change something but in the end, her caretaking instinct always wins.

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