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Interpretation of the card

Hope never dies

Tarot card “The Star” is the card of hope. It points to favourable long-time prospects. It encourages trust and selfconfidence. In interpretation it talks about the ability to show appreciation to others. It is a symbol of achieved fame and personal recognition, advanced intuition and ability to foresee. It brings fulfilled wishes and also new beginnings on a long-term horizon.

Don't rest on your laurels

You are confident in yourself, in others and in what you do. Your goals are sincere. You have enough strength that you could share your self-confidence and positive energy with others and help them gain self-respect. continue to work on further improving your feeling of self-respect. It will all end well. A well-deserved reward might be around the corner. Then you will understand that happiness lies in you and if you are happy, you can make other people happy too. You will shine like a star in the sky.

Warning! The card “The Star” can also mean that you have been flattering yourself, because you allowed the opinions of false friends to woo you, or you were dishonest to yourself. That can lead to unfulfilled hopes which bring pessimism and disappointment.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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