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Interpretation of the card

Finding Correlations in Opposites

“The lovers is a card of love in any shape. It refers to strengthening a bond, overcoming obstacles and finishing anything that was planned. It also symbolizes a decision which is necessary to make. It speaks about deep meeting of opposites, the art of finding correlations between them and ability to merge them.

It is easier to make decisions with a bit of support

You are able to cooperate well with others thanks to your ability to see beyond the masks of others. You are aware of the importance of relationships and are able to deepen some while limiting or letting go of others. strengthening of the positive relationships can help you to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

This card brings love and everything related to it. You are able to overcome anything thanks to love. Your partnership might get stronger. It is easier to start moving things in the right direction with a support of your partner.

You might meet someone new or even an old and forgotten love. If there is some unexpected intensity in your marriage or friendship, take it as a challenge to make these relationships deeper and less filled with routine.

Be careful! It might refer to love triangles and those might lead you to failed tests, unreliability and disappointment. Infidelity or betrayal are also sometimes part of love relationships. However, both might be dealt and overcome when both partners want to.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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