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Interpretation of the card

The Beginning of The Right Path

This card is a card of natural authority and wisdom. It is a teacher or better yet advisor. It usually symbolized feelings and faith. It means that you are starting on the right path. It also signifies positive relationships and their positive movement forward. The Hierophant is connected with sexuality and partnership.

We Are All Flawed

You have a good intuition so you can give good advice and make truths, that most people don’t realize, visible. You are willing to receive opinions of others as well. You have managed to raise above your ego. You might feel the need to learn a lot and realize your ideas. You are filled with love and understanding. Everything connected to love relationships have a positive vibration. A bit of perspective might help you to overcome all obstacles.

Be careful! don’t moralize and don’t overdo it with showing off love and tolerance as it might lead to inability to make decisions and sadness due to harsh reality. We are all flawed.

Inspiration for the interpretation

» Tarot card Hierophant and the zodiac sign of Taurus

» Own experience (JB)

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