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The Emperor

The Emperor

Interpretation of the card

Strength and feistiness

Tarot card “The Emperor” is a card of authority, being proud and leadership skills. It highlights strength and feistiness. related to some argument or issue, this card speaks about an ending or resolution. This card might also be addressing a desire to travel and experience adventures.

Being proud or being vain?

You are ready to defend your lifestyle, career and personal life. This card encourages you to make even the boldest plans true. You can feel a drive to make things move forward, change them or push them towards a resolution. You are confident that you will achieve whatever you set your mind to. Your mindset now is that you are a fearless warrior.

You are aware that now is the time to make important decisions. However, make sure to think everything through. “The Emperor” might be referring to a male energy or, if it is a woman who is asking the questions, it might refer to an authoritative male.

Be careful! There is a thin line between being proud and being vain and stubborn. selfishness can easily turn to aggression and disregard towards the others.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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