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Interpretation of the card

Endings and new beginnings

Tarot card “Death” is a card that means death of something that came before. It can be the ending of something unpleasant or the ending of one chapter in life. The card indicates that which is not able to function anymore. In interpretation it symbolizes the desire to become even more who you are and to overcome everything that limits you. It is a deep personal metamorphosis.

It's always something for something

You feel a determination to leave behind everything that imprisons you and you want to move forward. You want to free something new inside you. This is the moment of big transformation. But you have to give something up, so as to allow something new to come into being.

The card “Death” is a card of “Rebirth”. That means an end of something. It can also mean a pleasant ending of one chapter of your life. let go and close the old chapter, so that something new can be born inside you. You can step towards new tomorrows. let the force you can feel inside you flow.

Warning! The card “Death” can also mean a big sadness, loss of someone close or something close.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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