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Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune

Interpretation of the card

The fate is on your side

Tarot card “Wheel of Fortune” is a fate card. It shows circumstances which cannot be influenced and unexpected turns of events, but it is always a forward movement. Its interpretation speaks of the determination to change life for the better, unusual opportunities in the field of finance or creativity, the desire for selfrealization or the ability to create wealth on all levels of consciousness.

Who wants be lucky has to play fair

Tarot card “Wheel of fortune” talks about the luck that can meet you when you are at your wit’s end or it can help you change something. But fate is on our side only when we behave sincerely. The card “Wheel of fortune” also says that you can go forward with confidence, because what is about to happen cannot be influenced by you. Maybe you have reached the decision to give your life a new direction and new unexpected opportunities await you. Be positive, because you are just lucky.

Warning! The card “Wheel of fortune” can also mean adversity. The wheel can start spinning in the opposite direction. If you stagnate, cling to old values or cheat, you cannot expect to be lucky. As they say, luck favours those who are prepared and nothing lasts forever.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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