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Power / Desire


Interpretation of the card

The strength to create something

Tarot card “Strength” is a card of great power, courage and creative energy. It also means courage and willingness to embark on something and to persevere. It speaks about excitement, joy of life and creative talent on many levels. In its interpretation, the card “strength” means also enjoyment of life and self-confidence.

Trust yourself, but do not yield to desire

Trust your abilities, you feel the courage you have to start something difficult and you are confident that you can achieve it. You can let your creativity and passion roam free. You are successful in taming your inner demons. You have overcome your fear. You feel on top of your game and you are not scared of any obstacles. The card “Strength” also points to a charisma and strong will all in one. At any rate, do not be afraid to create something, the card will help you in overcoming obstacles.

Warning! The card “Strength” is also “Lust”. do not yield to basic desires. It could end in anger, exhaustion, reprehension or bad conscience.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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