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The High Priestess

Inspiration for the interpretation of the card „The High Priestess”

Own experience

For illustration of the card „The High Priestess”, I chose one of my own experiences.


I started fishing a few years back with a friend of mine who, while being also a business partner, was most importantly a good person. At first, I was borrowing his fishing equipment. one day he called me to ask if I had time to go fishing. “get ready” he said, “I’ll be at yours in few minutes.” He picked me up and we left. I had no idea we would be stopping by a fishing equipment store. I was not really loaded at that time so he came up with a solution. He bought all fishing necessities himself and gave them to me. “You would never buy them yourself, so here you go. I’ll give you some jobs and that’s how you’re gonna pay me back.” I was so grateful to him. However, he was a very busy man and the time he had for fishing was scarce.

Rybaření Aljaška

I had another friend who had the same interest so we started going fishing together. Those moments were filled with storytelling and adventure that got me so relaxed. But fishing itself was not so relaxed. nylon threads were getting repeatedly stuck in the trees and to make a hook was totally confusing. Fortunately, my friend was very patient and he managed to deal with all this with a great sense of humor. step by step, I learnt to do all of this and started going fishing by myself. I still do this but only in lednice areain my spot. I even bought a bigger car so that I can stay overnight.

Just imagine - sitting at “my spot” in the middle of beautiful nature listening to a calming stream of the river watching swinging float on the surface of the water. occasionally, a boat with tourists passed by and some of them, like this Japanese gentleman with whom we couldn’t understand each other language but we understood meaning behind our gestures very well, ask how the day is going. And then, the moment comes. The float dives in and the winch starts buzzing. You feel total excitement, then it stops and you start to pull something from the water.

I was hunting Zander last year. It took me months to get everything ready for this astute creature. so I got everything ready and waited. It was me, proud of my preparation and serene inside. I felt a big bite, fishing rod bended and then nothing. I was fighting as much as I could and got the fish eventually. It was a beautiful, 90 cm long catfish. It was not a Zander but I definitely was not expecting a catfish either. It was a feeling of relaxation and harmony with the nature. complete silence, moonlight and me completely happy with myself by myself.

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