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The High Priestess

The High Priestess

Interpretation of the card


Tarot card “The High Priestess” is a card of protection, conveying messages about serenity and inner balance, intuition, independence and knowing one self. It encourages you to use your inner strength, to look deep within and think about problems you are dealing with.

To value yourself does not mean lie to yourself

Your creative cycle, in which you need to understand your self-worth and the power of intuition, is beginning. Be aligned with your inner desires and have a perspective over issues that are occupying your mind. You should learn to talk to your inner self as an objective onlooker, to have patience with yourself and be kind. You can eventually end up in a place of harmony and independence where you can solve the problems with greater assertion. It is necessary to be at ease, to love and value yourself and then to search for the right solution before your start anything. You may feel the need to be completely on your own for a bit. so go take a walk around a lake or a riverside and just watch the surface. let yourself be carried away by peaceful feeling and fully trust everything you see with your eyes and with your third eye. This card is frequently connected to your close ones and so if it is difficult to find patience and harmony on your own, your loved one might be a person to turn to for help.

But be careful! To find yourself is the exact opposite of lying to yourself, pretending to be something you are not and wearing a mask. A complicated situation might then be influenced by lies and illusions leading to inconsistency, bad decision and inner chaos.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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