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The Fool

Inspiration for the interpretation of the card „The Fool”

Own experience

For illustration of the card „The Fool”, I chose one of my own experiences.

Pole dancing

Crazy idea from the get go. I have to say that I had several ways in my life to blow off some steam when I feel too restricted by responsibilities in my life. I have divided them into guided and completely unguided.  

Actually, there is only one unguided. Whenever I felt too much tension and I needed to unwind, I just got drunk. I didn’t want to end up doing something shameful so I always chose one of my friends to take care of me. Whenever he commanded, I listened and went to bed. In the morning, I could not remember what happened but I was sure that I did not cause any damage.

Painting, doing sports, fishing and dancing are among the guided ways to blow off some steam. Everything started when one of my colleagues at a marketing agency, where I worked as director, was getting married and the celebration was taking place in a strip club with professional strippers. Back then, I was working 24/7 and had no time to relax. As I was watching the women dance, I asked whether there is a chance to try it. And so my dance began. I got so much into it that I stopped paying attention to the world around me. I was woken up from this flow by a cheer from the others. I started to like it and sometimes, where the opportunity presented itself, I danced again.

The high point came during my stay in Prague where I worked as a manager. When I had a bit of free time, I would wander through the street until, one day, I noticed a nightclub. It was an afternoon and I felt a need to relax a bit and remembered the feeling I had during pole dancing. I entered the club, ordered a shot and asked whether I could pole dance there. The waiter was surprised but understanding and turned on the music. I drank my shot, danced and left repeating this crazy idea every week. Everything ended one afternoon after 2 months. I entered the club as usual excited to dance but, to my surprise, it was completely full. I’m not an exhibitionist but I didn’t want to spoil the fun so I danced for the last time. I have not tried pole dancing ever since , I have my painting and sports, but it was a wonderful and crazy experience.

Around a year ago, when I was walking home from a celebration, I encountered a dance club. I could not resist, to tell you the truth, and danced surrounded by young people like I used to before. No alcohol in my blood, no pole near me but with an amazing feeling inside. When I was leaving in the morning, I heard the youth’s salute: “Come again, sometime. It was fun.” And that was that.

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