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The Empress

Inspiration for the interpretation of the card „The Empress”

Own experience

For illustration of the card „The Empress”, I chose one of my own experiences.

The Story of How I Taught My Friend’s Son to Paint

It was a period when everything was going well for me. I was happy in my second marriage. My stay-at-home wife was taking care of our beautiful daughter wonderfully. We were borrowing an old cottage in a small village from our neighbour, where I used to create my paintings. It was a great creative release for me. I have gradually met residents of the village, who were proud to have an artist in their midst, in a small pub where we would have lovely debates together. I was also working as a renowned consultant for a marketing company and our biggest client was a company owned by my elementary school classmate, whose son was around 20 at that point.

Tajemství olejomalba

He was a smart lad but he would waste his energy on being a part of shady crowds and he was not up to taking any responsibility for his life. He was just drifting through his life. The friend of mine asked me if I could spend some time with him and motivate him to start painting. of course, I agreed, we bonded and we started to paint in the cottage together. cosy cottage, old kitchen with a small stove and a room full of old beds created a feeling of a true creative base for us. nothing was distracting and so we painted, talked and occasionally went for a beer to the village pub. I noticed that he was getting happier and experienced a greater joy in life. At first, his paintings were full of pain and sadness but were changing gradually. We even organized a well-received exhibition together thanks to his dad. There I could witness my young friend being proud to have achieved something and his dad was very pleased with the fact his son started to grow up.

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