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The Empress

The Empress

Interpretation of the card

Balance and Inspiration

Tarot card ‘The Empress’ is a card of love, prosperity, growth and nature within us. It symbolizes service to others, balance in an emotional as well as mental expression and the ability to inspire and attract others. This card also signifies growth in general, prosperity, productivity and creativity.

Delight Does Not Equal Vanity

You delight in your life, you are feeling balanced and content. You are able to receive but also give love. You are happy about yourself, which is why you are successful in realizing your ideas and there are no conflicts in sight. You feel blessed which is also possible to witness in your relationships. You emanate joy. Everything that is going your way is good because you feel happy. It is possible now that even the relationships that have wilted will blossom again.

This card encourages you to be creative. “The Empress” is also the card of fertility so a marriage or parenthood is also not out of the question. If this is not the case, try creating something beautiful. In case of a male reader, this might symbolize a significant woman in your life.

But be careful! delight does not mean vanity - when you’re feeling happy, share it with others but do not use them for your own benefit as this might transform into full-blooded high-handedness.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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