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Inspiration for the interpretation of the card „Devil”

Own experience

For illustration of the card “Devil”, I chose one of my own experiences.

“You cannot have everything”

“You cannot have everything” Temptation, that’s a little monster. I experienced it when I had a customer in slovakia “after the split of Czechoslovakia” who was a foreigner at the time. As a partner I had a director of marketing, who was a young single girl full of professional ambitions. I was the CEO of an advertising agency and I went to see them about once every six months. For them it was a treat. When I arrived in the afternoon to the office and said hello to them, they all took out a bottle of cheap gin, which later became better gin. It was the same thing only with a European name. And after a warm welcome we started drinking. Then we had a break, we arranged some commissions with the director of marketing and I went to my hotel. They already knew me there, and in the evening we went to a bar to celebrate my arrival. It was incredible, and every time equally nice. They were looking forward to seeing me and I was looking forward to them. Usually I had to go back to the czech republic after three days. We arranged the commissions and had some fun at the same time.

It went like that for two years. I was confident, young and charismatic and I didn’t have to hold myself back with them. I have to say I was married at that time. The young marketing manager was attractive, but I had my professional pride and I knew my boundaries.

But it was all so natural and human, that in my alcoholic inebriation I once forgot about my boundaries. In the morning I woke up in the hotel and the first feeling I had was that I had a great evening with friends. Until I turned on my side and found out that the young marketing manager was lying next to me naked. In a second I broke out in a cold sweat:

“What have you done?”

I instantly started regretting it. she was still sleeping. I felt ashamed and I quietly went to the bathroom to take a shower. I was confused. I came back to the room and stroked her hair. she opened her eyes and smiled. she looked happy and I smiled back. But my smile was constrained as I didn’t know what was going to follow.

She stretched:

“That was wonderful, wasn’t it?” I didn’t remember much.

“It was,” I lied.

“Well, now you have to choose,” she replied.

I had no idea what she was talking about. “choose between what?”

“You can either have me or you can have the commissions. You choose.”

I was mortified. I was standing there embarrassed and humiliated and I just kept quiet and waited. she asked again:

“So? Have you decided?”

Deep inside I knew I had to be honest come what may.

“I know I hurt you, because I have my wife, who I love and I might have lost a customer. It was wonderful with you, but I can’t be with you. I’m sorry.”

Full of shame but with a feeling I was being a bastard, I waited for her reply. she was a beautiful person. she didn’t want to humiliate me either. she just wanted to teach me a lesson. she liked me. We became good friends who got along and understood each other and I continued to visit for a long time. But there was nothing more between us. That evening was and is a big lesson in what can happen when you give in to temptation.

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