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The World

The World

Interpretation of the card

The end is around the corner

Tarot card “The World” is the card of success, achievement of what a person wishes for, where they aim to go. It points to a happy ending, shows that the finish line is right in front of us and there are no obstacles in the way. In interpretation, the tarot card “The World” means also an ability to close up everything old and to bring change to existing structures and a determination to continue with growth and development.

Be considerate

You have probably reached your apex. You are honest and you can be at the right place at the right time. What you have decided to do works. You are certain you are on the right path. Maybe you feel a desire for new knowledge, some new way. It’s as if you are alive again. You might also have overcome some inner obstacle. don’t stand in the way of your desires and free them.

Warning! In the agony that you might be at the finish line, the last steps might be damaging for someone else. You are not able to make the last step because it would hurt others. You could be in a vicious circle, from which there is no way out and a feeling might be gnawing you that all your efforts were in vain. Believe in yourself and look at things from a different perspective and see the whole picture.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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