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Interpretation of the card

Slowly, but surely

Tarot card “Temperance” is the card of harmony, patience and compromise. It talks about the ability to achieve inner balance and wholeness through creative process. It brings change, which is wanted and harmonious. It points to the need of slow advancement. In interpretation, the tarot card “Temperance” indicates health. It brings recovery both of body and above all of soul.

Patience is not laziness

You can begin to systematically create something and if you are relaxed and advance slowly, you will create something interesting. Find the willpower and determination inside you. You can calmly put to rest disagreements, if both people move away from their vision a little. This card is also a card of “Temperance”.

Sometimes it is worth waiting for a while to see how the situation develops, so you don’t make things worse with a hot-headed reaction. You can feel healthier in your body and soul, because everything is in harmony. Things are moving slowly? It doesn’t matter, you’re patient after all.

But be wary! There is a only a small step from patience to laziness. once you start lying to yourself, it takes a long time and ends badly.

Inspiration for the interpretation

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